Brynn Tyler

Place of birth:
Tyler, TX
Date of birth
November 14, 1987
Eye color:
Hair color:
5' 6" (168 cm)
114 lbs (52 kg)
Fake boobs:
Face like an angel, body like a devil and a sex drive to outshine even a succubi, Tyler from Texas is a drop dead gorgeous model that was never shy about what she wants - sex and a lot of it! This cutie is pretty fresh, born in 1987, she quickly realized that eyes were following her wherever she goes, so she decided to cash in on that as exotic dancer. Soon she got proposed for an adult movie, and since she has a taste for sex, she went for it. Bright blue eyes, blond hair and a perfect body make her a super babe indeed, with 34B natural perky breasts with pink nipples, any man would want to bone her. She's pretty flexible, Tyler Brynn always surprises her sex partners with all kinds of kinky poses that allow maximal penetration and a wild ride for both her and her sex partner. She goes for softcore and hardcore straight action, but I'm pretty sure that we will get to see this delicious blond babe in lesbian action as well.

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Are the age old stereotypes true that blondes are stupid? You have to ask yourself is Brynn Tyler really stupid or is she really getting the last laugh? She is the one that is making this horny stud fuck her and do all the work. Who is the dumb one? The one who is doing all the work, the one who is rubbing and sucking on a nice wet pussy or the one who is getting all the pleasure from this little encounter? She may look like she is stupid but she knows what she is doing.

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