Eva Angelina

Place of birth:
Orange County, CA
Date of birth
March 14, 1985
Eye color:
Hair color:
5' 3" (160 cm)
119 lbs (54 kg)
Fake boobs:
If you had any contact with the world of porn during the last few years, you know who Eva Angelina is. This busty brunette has always been into porn, after all, she was born in the capitol of porn, California. She's from '85 generation, and she always wanted to become a porn star, so much that she started making her own homemade masturbation videos at the early age of 14 using her parent's camera. As soon as she came of age she hopped right into the porn industry and she's been in there ever since. Brown eyes, brown hair, full red lips, big red tits, lush behind and a sexy figure, all of this make Eva look extra hot. She can change roles from scene to scene, she can dress up as a slutty school girl and pull it off, and she can play a bored housewife as well, she's versatile like that. She doesn't turn down any sex, one on one straight, lesbian, group sex, hardcore sex parties - all of these things make Eva Angelina's pussy tingle and she's always on the lookout for more interesting sex experiences. The archives featuring her videos are pretty large, she's sexually active and churns out at least two new sex videos per week.

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Eva lies upside down on her couch. Her long black hair flows over the edge. Legs spread as far apart as they could go while her man is bent over fingering her clit with intensity. His dick is getting shoved in her mouth. All 12 inches of his meat slides down her throat and seem to work its way into her stomach. It continues to slither down. Gagging with every inch she tries to relax her throat muscles but she still continues to gag. It is all worth it though, the dick is so delicious.

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