Lana Croft

Place of birth:
Somewhere, USA
Date of birth
February 25, 1985
Eye color:
Hair color:
5' 2" (157 cm)
99 lbs (45 kg)
Fake boobs:
Before people explode with enthusiasm, please read the name of this porn star again - it's Lana Croft, not Lara Croft. Now that we've gone over that, let's see what this slutty USA chick is all about. Asian heritage comes from her mom's side, and she got her hot looks too, Lana Croft has a figure that makes heads turn wherever she goes. She's a regular party girl and is into all kinds of cocktails, but not the sissy fruit cocktails for the ladies, Lara Croft goes for cocktails that have more vodka in them then anything else. She's got sexy brown hair, brown eyes and a natural pair of sexy B cup cans that are perfect in action. Since she's a party girl, she almost never makes standard one on one sex videos, it's group sex for her, and she does it with great pleasure. Also, she prefers ladies to guys, the chicks know better how to please her, and it's group lesbian sex scenes with sex toys and bodyoil that got her that five star rating on top class porn sites like Premium HD.

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