Nikki Rhodes

Place of birth:
Simi Valley, CA
Date of birth
January 20, 1982
Eye color:
Hair color:
5' 4" (163 cm)
143 lbs (65 kg)
Fake boobs:
Nikki Rhodes was a make-up artist before she started working as porn model and actress. How did she even got in adult industry, you might wonder? Well, someone has to do all that make-up porn babes have on their hot faces, while they give all those blowjobs and doing all those outrageous sexy scenes all of us like to watch. She used to stay a bit longer than her job required to watch all those girls and realized that she would like to try doing some scenes on her own. As she suggested that to director, he managed to fit her in one movie he was filming and saw that she knows a lot and is a natural talent that can become a porn star, if he helps her. That is how this sexy make-up babe started her porn career and doing very well. Not only she became very popular and wanted, she won an award for the most outrageous sex scene in 2009. Her red hair and brown eyes make her look gorgeous and everything on her body is all natural.

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