Sierra Sinn

Place of birth:
Pittsburgh, PA
Date of birth
July 6, 1982
Eye color:
Hair color:
4' 12" (152 cm)
90 lbs (41 kg)
Fake boobs:
Sierra Sinn never had any inhibitions at all, this girl was into drinking, gambling, light drugs and hardcore sex even before she got introduced to the porn industry, but once she became a porn star she really started going all out. Group sex is what this thin redhead is all about, she likes switching partners mid sex. Hell, it's not that she just likes it, she needs to switch them, no guy can properly satisfy her all the way, there's just too big of a lust for sex in her to be satisfied with only one dick. The green eyes on her cute face do not look like they belong on an all out slut, but that's what Sierra Sinn is when she's fired up. Unfortunately this gorgeous natural beauty stopped making xxx movies, she retired from the industry in 2007 at the age of 25 saying that she needs time to recover both physically and mentally, and that there's very little chance she'll be back. Well, there are plenty of videos left behind her, and they all show some of the hot hardcore action that she got famous for.

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