Ruby Rayes

Place of birth:
Date of birth
January 9, 1989
Eye color:
Hair color:
4' 12" (152 cm)
106 lbs (48 kg)
Fake boobs:
Female porn stars have it much easier then males, especially when they are in their teens. Guys would pay to be able to fuck gorgeous chicks all day long, but this delicious piece of eye candy has started modeling at early age of 19, just few short months before her 20th birthday, and she was an isntant hit. The tanned Californian girl is one of the new generation porn stars, born in 1989, she always wanted to have all eyes in the room on herself, and she discovered that discarding all of her clothes and getting hardcore with a guy with the biggest dick in the room does the trick. She moved to LA as soon as she scored her first contract, and since then she's been living there, attending sex parties, meeting new people, making connections and overall enjoying the life of a porn star. She doesn't like being though of as a slut, her xxx involvement is just work for her, and she's on the lookout for a guy that will not throw fits just because she's having sex at work, she had no luck in finding one so far.

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